The advertising industry has been established for a very long time now but doing online advertising is still a pretty new game in terms of years, however the same principles that worked in the good old days of "I'd like to buy the world a coke" still work today, human nature hasn't evolved that much and as a result we can take the classic great ads and apply the same principles to the latest version of advertising.

Todays environment is of course much different than the traditional ad industry, watching the TV show mad men should give you an idea of just how far we have come in a short space of time, new ideas, new platforms, new ways of getting attention, so many rapid changes that are being made in order to keep the wheels of commerce spinning and one way that has changed is of course ad placement.

With firms like Google leading the way we have seen a major shift towards super targeted ads that appear only when you really need them, back in the day you'd have more push adverts that would force the product on you, these days you have more pull adverts that know your ready to buy and offer a solution - this would not be possible if not for the changing landscape of online advertising.

As a result of this shift we see the entire industry change to this model and now it's better to collect data and get the most optimal ad spots you can buy rather than advertising at the Superbowl and getting as many people to see your brand as possible - in other words ads have become much less intrusive and more a welcomed way for people to make money from delivering quality content.

Todays ads are more likely to be text based or at least very small ads compared to the old full page spread that used to be around in magazines and newspapers - these days you are more likely to see a tweet or Google adwords ad that has been displayed on behalf of a small business rather than a big brand name.

If you are interested in hiring a firm there are plenty of options, arounds the major areas such as Leeds, Manchester, Brighton and London there is a lot of selection but you really need to narrow down your options to people who have a proven track record and really understand your needs from a business point of view, a few names worth mentioning are Outside the Box (Leeds), Designate (Brighton), Grey (London) - these firms are good for brands and will likely be the good place to start.